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French Language Classes at Vadodra


Bonjour Friends! Welcome to Intraword Language School at Vadodra, Gujarat. Our organization has been torch bearer for providing French language training at Vadodra. We organize French classes for all levels of learners, whether you are a beginner, a medium level learner or an expert.  

Our main objective is to teach French by organizing French classes by the way we speak it worldwide. French classes are open to one and all, children and adults alike, with different programs: General French language classes (weekend classes, morning or evening batch’s), conversation French, specialized French, Business French, IGCSE and CBSE revision classes, etc.

French is 9th most spoken language worldwide, with 200 million speakers across five continents. France is the land of multiple employment opportunities, education hub and prime tourist destination in the world. In addition to English, French is a widely spoken language in UK. Learning French language would improve your ability to communicate with French speakers easily.

Why Intraword for French classes?

Intraword is a well-established institute for French Class at Vadodra. Our teachers are professionally trained and certified in French. Learn French in a fun filled environment with lot of practice sessions. Our native speakers transmit their knowledge with interactive techniques.

Additionally, we provide better communication in learning solutions. Our motto is to deliver you with the best training that ultimately contributes towards your desired goal. Our course syllabus has been designed by our global French language experts.

Intraword invite you to learn French through our specially designed and tailored French classes, taste the delicacy of French language in our class, visit our large library, become a member of Intraword’s French Classes, and enjoy our study material!

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